PAniC SGM Addendum

Hi everyone,


As there seems to be quite a bit of confusion in regards to the coming SGM, we thought we would attempt to explain the reasoning behind its calling.


Since taking over from the past board, we have been working hard to address members concerns about PAniC, including issues with transparency and accountability. In doing so, we have made sure to not only abide by the constitution and legislation, but also to improve the systems that have failed in the past. Including the email notifications, which will be discussed later, although we have given 4 weeks’ notice of the SGM because of this.


For the AGM, only 4 days was given before nominations closed, instead of the 7 required by the constitution, and only 6 members nominated, so all were elected. Since then one board member, Chris Ross, has resigned, and Cassandra Spencer was appointed secretary by the board under the casual vacancies section. Technically we could fill the remaining board positions under the same section, however then 50% of the board would have been appointed by the other 50% and we believe that this severely impacts on not only the members right to choose who represents them, but also the transparency and accountability we stand for.


We have therefore called this SGM in order to allow you, the members, to have an informed, and involved choice in who represents you in running PAniC, your community. We had hoped the previous lack of nominations was due to the lack of transparency and understanding, so we have made the constitution and appropriate legislation available on the website (under the ‘code of conduct’ menu heading temporarily) and are all also standing for nomination again. But if the alternative is true, being there is no longer enough community support to sustain a full, elected board, then PAniC’s continued survival should be questioned. This is why we included the dissolution motion as an item, dependant on the support for PAniC from its members in forming a board.


Since then we have received notification of a member’s intention to submit a petition to call for the dissolution of PAniC. In the continued interests of acting for the members, we are formalising the dissolution motion agenda item. The updated agenda, in addition to clarification of SGM purpose, as requested, will be posted to the website, Facebook event page, and emailed out to all members on Monday (please see note below in regards to emails, this gives time for members to notify us and us to fix it).


We thank you for your continued support of PAniC, and hope you, like us, wish to see PAniC fix past mistakes and prevent them from happening in future. We apologise for any confusion in the communication of the SGM, and inconvenience in submitting a board nomination if PAniC is dissolved, however still encourage you to do so, as we believe PAniC can, and will, improve and survive.


In regards to emails: The membership database system has many flaws, some technical, some due to it being across two different systems, and we recognise the need to fix this. However to do this we need to attempt to use and consolidate it as best possible, and have as many ways as possible for you to let us know if it is flawed for you. The emails were sent out using the current database (as fixed as we could get it), and thus have asked for you to email or facebook message us if you haven’t received one, so we can rectify this as soon as possible.


In regards to PAniC operations: As you are all aware, PAniC is not in a good position financially, however we are working to reduce costs, and organise a booth for Supanova, in addition to other things, to return PAniC to a position where it can run a proper convention again, and fund an audit. We are currently compiling all available paperwork to facilitate this. As past boards have not previously completed handovers effectively, some paperwork is still with previous board members, as such we are working on contacting each of these individually to ensure we have all available information. Incidentally, if you have any information, please feel free to email/message us.