PAniC Special General Meeting, Saturday 18th October 2014

People calling the SGM: PAniC Inc Board.

When: Saturday 18th October 2014. 10am – 1pm

Where: 43 Barrack Street, Perth. 43 Below Bar and Restaurant . Main Meeting Room

Facebook event can be found: here!

Reasons for the SGM:

* Resignation of Vice-President
* Resignation of Treasurer
* Breach of PAniC Constitution, Section 11.2 (failure to audit organisation at last three year checkpoint of 2011 and onwards)

Agenda for SGM:
* Report on current financial position of PAniC Inc for 2014-2015 operating period.
* Affect of current financial position on continued operational capacity of PAniC Inc.
* Affect of current financial position on the hosting of the Wai-Con 2015 Convention.
* Voting on key future operational decisions of PAniC Inc.
* Report on the operational state of the PAniC Board.
* Nominations from attending PAniC Members for replacement of all PAniC Board Members openings and voting on all nominated people by the attending PAniC members.

This PAniC Special General Meeting will be chaired by Wade Allen and held in the main meeting room of 43 Below Bar & Restaurant.

This is an all-ages event as this meeting room is in an area seperated away from the main bar and does not have access to alcohol.

Current PAniC Board and Sub-Committee members will be in attendance. All PAniC Members are invited and PAniC Memberships can be renewed on the day if required to retain your membership voting rights.

There is a strict agenda outline for this event, but questions will be taken as time permits throughout the meeting.