Q. I don’t have a PAniC membership card or my membership number, but I’ve paid for membership!

A. PAniC has a list of all members on a grand database. You do not need your PAniC number or card to pre-reg as a PAniC member. We will check that you have paid the correct amount when you come to pick your tickets up. You can also receive your PAniC membership card when you pick up your tickets. Just ask the register. Please bring any ID to prove that you are who you in fact say you are, photo ID is good but just about anything reasonable with your name on it is fine, we do reserve the right to reject anything that isnt a government issued ID with a photo.

Q. When do I get my tickets?

A. You collect your tickets on the day. There is a special line for people who have pre-registered. You will need to bring your printout from Moshtix with you and your associate card or PAniC card if you have one. Please refer to Moshtix requirements if you have not got the printout – at time of writing, they are photo ID and the credit card used to book the ticket.

Q. I want a pre-reg bag but there are none left.

A. If there are none left, there are none left. They are Limited Edition and very popular. You need to get in early. Try next year.

Q. I ordered a pre-reg bag. When do I get it?

A. At the con. You will be told where to pick it up from when you collect your tickets.

Q. Can I pick up tickets for other people?

A. No. Each person who has pre-registered needs to pick up their tickets themselves so that we know we are giving them to the right people. The line moves very quickly.

Q. Where to I pick up traders/demonstrators/etc passes?

A. All other passes can be picked up from the registration desk. If you have questions about specific passes, please contact your relevant representative.

Q. I’m under 18. Do I need to fill out a parental consent form.

A. YES! If you are going to attend the convention but are underage, you need to have pre-filled out a parental consent form. These are available at Permission Letter (PDF), Permission Letter (DOC).

This document needs to be filled out by your LEGAL GUARDIAN. This does not include older brothers or sisters, aunts, parents friends, friends of yours who are over 18, your teachers, or anyone else (unless that person happens to be your legal guardian).

If you are 12 OR UNDER, you must also be escorted by a responsible adult while at the convention. Currently, we are offering free entry for up to 1 child 12 or under when accompanied by a paying responsible adult. Children 6 or under are also free.