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You awake to find yourself in a dark room…

John Robertson’s hugely popular show and YouTube sensation “The Dark Room” returns to Wai-Con, bigger and crazier than ever!  Located at the Riverside Theatre on Saturday night at 6:30pm – entry is included as part of your Wai-Con ticket!  Don’t miss out!

It came to life at Wai-Con last year and now it’s finally here and ready – the ultimate interactive video game experience live and in the comfort of a 2,500 seat theatre! THE DARK ROOM is a live-action text adventure where YOU the audience does battle with a nefarious FLOATING HEAD for the prizes of love, money and freedom. 2,500 people will play at the same time! Lunacy will occur! And if that’s not enough, The Dark Room: Wai-Con contains bonus rounds like Live-Action Street Fighter, Broken Pong, Final Fantasy Flashmob and Dance Dance Revelations. It’ll be completely wild!



Fish with legs! FISH WITH LEGS!

Thanks to our friends at Hanabee, we’ve got the Australian Premiere of “Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack!”  Based on the manga from esteemed horror author Junjo Ito, Gyo is a film that will question just how you would react under such a bizarre and creepy apocalypse.

“A horrible rotting stench has accompanied Kaori’s trip with her friends for graduation. The source? A fish on mechanical legs. But that fish is a part of a larger issue, as soon enough a nation wide invasion of these creatures is upon them and they’re carrying something far worse than a foul odor.

With Tokyo under siege by these creatures, Kaori cuts her graduation trip short in order to rescue Tadashi, her boyfriend, before he too becomes a victim. But it becomes a daunting task when the city is barely recognisable and there are fish around every corner threatening her own safety.

A biological experiment gone wrong or the simple natural progress of evolution, Kaori might find out a truth she may not want to know in her quest to rescue Tadashi from this pandemic.”

Check out “Gyo” and save the world from this fishy nightmare on Sunday at 3:30pm in the Riverside Theatre.  BE WARNED: This film is not for the faint of heart and contains disturbing imagery.

Tickets and VIP Passes Available Now!

Would you like to go to Perth’s most awesome anime convention?  Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place!  Good luck has shined on you, as tickets are available to purchase right now!

Regular tickets are available through the Moshtix website here.  But don’t forget, you get cheaper tickets if you are a PAniC member!  For only $15 when you give us your ticket, you can get a three-year member to PAniC which gives you discounts for Wai-Con and other PAniC events!

But that’s not all!  We’ve got a limited Gold VIP pass for a select 58 attendees!  For only $199, you not only get entry to Wai-Con for the weekend, you also get:

  • Front seating for all theatre-based events (panels, cosplay, screenings)
  • Front of line access to guest signings
  • Exclusive Wai-Con 2013 jacket, sized to you
  • Wai-Con 2013 emblazoned headphones
  • Circuitry dogtags
  • Robot beanie
  • Wai-Con 2013 2GB USB key
  • Pocky box and bottle of Ramune softdrink

Don’t miss out!  There are only 58 of these awesome packs going out to the public, so make sure you get in fast!  Buy tickets here!


Traders now open for business!

Attention, all ye who have wares to sell!

Whether you’re a fangroup or a business, we’ve got some awesome deals for you!  Apply now for a trader’s position in our massive new Trader’s Hall – with lots of room, ready for the thousands of people going to flood through Wai-Con’s doors over the weekend.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to go that extra step to sponsor, we’d love to hear from you on that one too!  Email traders@panic-wa.org for more info, and check out our trader’s page at the top.


Now taking panel submissions!

Fancy yourself a font of useful (or useless) information on a certain anime topic?  We’d love to hear from you!  Whether it be from craft to cosplay, Ghibli to Bones, or simply the best themed basket-weaving – the crowds at Wai-Con would love to hear you wax poetic on a variety of themes.

Panels were, without a doubt, one of the most popular events at last year’s convention.  So much so, that we’ve decided to expand them to a third panellists room in order to house them all!  That’s 33.3% more knowledge than previous conventions!

Check out our Panels page for more info!  Hurry – submissions end at the end of November!



Announcing our Special Guests for 2013!

It’s gives us fantastic pleasure to introduce our marvellous guests for Wai-Con 2013!

Kyle Hebert
Voice Actor

Kyle Hebert is an American voice actor and podcaster who works for anime and video game series, notably the adult version of Gohan and the Narrator in the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z.

Kyle got his start in the mid 1990s as a disc jockey for Radio Disney, under the pseudonym Squeege. This lasted until September 2005, when he moved from Dallas to Los Angeles, to pursue bigger interests in the world of voice acting. Kyle has also had cameo roles in various anime dubs such as Case Closed, Fruits Basket, One Piece, and Kodocha, and a recurring role in Fullmetal Alchemist. Kyle’s current list of recurring roles includes Kiba Inuzuka on Naruto, Sōsuke Aizen and Ganju Shiba in Bleach, and Kamina in Gurren Lagann. Kyle is also the current voice of Ryu in Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV and is also Big the Cat of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise as of 2010.


Kara Edwards
Voice Actor

Kara’s career began right out of high school when she was hired to co-host the “Squeege and Kara” show on Radio Disney along with Kyle. Radio would eventually take Kara to the East Coast where she produced and co-hosted morning shows in Charlotte, NC for over five years.

While in Dallas working for Disney, Kara attended an open-call audition for a popular show called DragonBall Z. She was cast…and then hooked, as voice acting would soon become her main focus, leading her to take the leap to full-time in 2006 and once again head west.

When Kara does take time to step away from the mic, she can usually be found out and about with her favorite gadget, her trusted Nikon. Kara’s love for photography began at an early age and she’s continually amazed by the opportunities it’s brought her.

A few of Kara’s other favorite past times include playing guitar on her studio balcony, singing with her friends, eating unusual foods, and creating new flavors of her favorite drink: bubble tea!

Kara’s most popular role was playing Young Goten and Videl in Dragonball Z, but she has worked on a variety of other anime including Heaven’s Lost Property as Nymph, SoltyRei as Celica, and Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor as Mina Hazuki.


PAniC Annual Ball 2012

On September 15 at 7:00pm, come along and dance the night away! It’s your chance to dress to the nines, try out that formal cosplay that you’ve been looking forward to, or just throw a suit/dress on and hang out with the Wai-Con crowd at the formal event of the year!

Tables seat 8 and are strictly limited – don’t wait or you’ll miss out!

Tickets are $120 plus booking fee, and include a free low shelf bar drink! Please specify any meal requirements and anyone else you wish to be on your table when you book.


173 Mounts Bay Road
Perth Western Australia



Entree – Grilled tiger prawns & chorizo, with pumpkin risotto, garlic & preserved lemon aioli
Main 1 – Roast chicken breast, parsnip & sweet potato rosti, grilled field mushrooms, tarragon & Dijon cream
Main 2 – Roast scotch fillet, with salt roast potatoes, sautéed lemon & garlic mushrooms
Dessert – Custard profiteroles, warm chocolate sauce & chocolate ice-cream

(Main courses are alternate drop.)


Buy your tickets here!!

Hurry!  Only a limited number of seats available!


For more information, contact Allan at events@panic-wa.org


Introducing a large empty space!

Here’s some big news for you, literally!  We’ve just signed a deal to expand Wai-Con out of the corridors and into the pavilion.  Welcome to Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre Pavilion 1!

With last year’s feedback, we wanted to try and expand the halls and give a greater amount of space to all attendees.  In the pavilion, we’re moving our traders and the Wai-Con GameZone to give everyone more room!  But don’t fret – we still have all our traditional screening and panel rooms, as well as the luxurious Riverside Theatre.

Any comments on what you want to see in the Convention Halls this year?  Feel free to send us an email at the Contact Us page, or check out our Facebook.



Sub Committee Announced!

We’d like to thank everyone that applied for the PAniC Subcommittee for 2012/13!  After a 3 hours of interviews, we have decided on the new Sub Committee.

Presenting the PAniC Subcommittee for 2012/13!

Art -Kerrie Fulker

Cosplay – Mirai Raine

Video Games – Adam McCaw

Online Community Manager – Karina Bowater

Volunteers Coordinator – Edwin Cutts

Registrar – Samara Morgan

Screenings Coordinator – Ebony Clift

Merchandise Coordinator – Zoe Natale

Food Coordinator – Sam Westhoff

Karaoke – Emily Partington

Programme Book – Sarah Kingsbridge


Come to the Annual General Meeting 2012!

PAniC Annual General Meeting 2012!

Where: Citiplace Community Centre, Perth City. (Top floor of Perth City Train Station)
When: 1pm, Sat 10th March

We’ll be discussing how Wai-Con 2012 went, our current standing, as well as nominating a new committee for Wai-Con 2013.

If you want to apply for a position, fill out the form below and email/post it by 3rd March, 2012.  There are ten main positions for application –

  • President,
  • Vice-president,
  • Secretary,
  • Treasurer,
  • Competitions coordinator,
  • Panels/guest coordinator,
  • Marketing/publicity coordinator,
  • Events coordinator,
  • Traders coordinator,
  • Logistics coordinator.


PLEASE NOTE:  Taking a board position is a large responsibility, and will take up some time throughout the year.  As a volunteer organisation, we request that you ensure that you have the ability and time to commit before you apply.  You also must be a PAniC member of at least six months with good standing to apply.

Subcommittee positions will be available for nomination later in the year.

Click here to download the Board Application DOC file and then email it to secretary@panic-wa.org, or post it to:

PAniC Board Application
ATTN: Secretary
PO Box 8404
PERTH, WA 6849