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Urgent news regarding Christopher Sabat

Some sad news today. We’re sorry to report that Christopher Sabat (Vegeta) can no longer come to Wai-Con 2014 due to health issues. He’s saddened that he won’t get to visit his Australian fans this time around, and will make an extra effort in later years. We hope that Chris will get well soon, and […]

Presenting: The Pilot of Eva-02!

We’re extremely proud to announce that Tiffany Grant, the feisty Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion, is coming to Wai-Con 2014!  Tiffany has starred in a crazy amount of roles, from Evangelion to Infinite Stratos to One Piece,as well as written and adapted a lot of your favourite series too!  She will be sharing her wisdom […]

City of Wanneroo’s Pop Culture Festival!

Can’t get enough Cosplay?  There are some amazing workshops about to start at the Wanneroo Library for all budding Cosplayers.  Join a fantastic team of veterans as they take you through some of the major steps of costuming, and how to bring out your inner character! – – – – – – – – – […]

Play it again, Sam-dono.

The dirty crook was on the run.  A kook led him here, and all Eugene had was the word of a crazy dame and a few empty ramune bottles on the floor.  The case was a shambles, and he knew that he had to track this wise-guy down before it was too late. VIDEO TWO […]

The Prince of Saiyans comes to Wai-Con!

We’re proud to announce that Christopher Sabat, the one and only Vegeta from Dragonball Z, is coming to Wai-Con!  Chris has starred in a multitude of roles, from Dragonball to One Piece to Lupin III, and will be sharing his wisdom (and signature) with all of you! We’ll be announcing Chris’s panels early next year, […]

It’s dangerous to go alone – take this!

Eugene (our illustrious Cosplay Coordinator) has fought and won many battles through his time at Wai-Con.  With his trusted friend at his side, the Cosplay at Wai-Con was full of laughter and glamour.  It was a wonderous sight for everyone to behold; a jewel in Wai-Con’s shimmering crown. But now, his trusted friend has left […]