What is Wai-Con?

Wai-Con is Perth’s Premier Anime Convention! First held at the University of Western Australia in 2004, the event has continually grown in size for 10 years. Wai-Con aims to be a community focused event which aims to bring fans of Japanese Anime and culture together in the one place.

Wai-Con promotes Japanese animation and culture, manga, gaming, cosplay and celebrates each.

What is anime?

Anime is the word that the Japanese use to refer to all animated works. When used by the Western fan base, it refers specifically to Japanese animation and its very unique style. Our convention, Wai-Con, is a celebration and exploration of Japanese culture through this medium.


PAniC stands for Perth Anime Convention. PAniC is the organiser of Perth’s only annual anime convention. The PAniC committee started planning for the first ever convention (held in December 2004) as far as back as September 2003, and was incorporated as a non-profit organisation a few months later.


Wai-Con has a number of activities and events to keep its attendees satisfied including:

– Cosplay competition
– Martial Arts demonstrations
– Panels headed by some of Perth’s best and brightest
– Art competitions
– A dedicated games room with a variety of platforms and competitions
– Interactive workshops such as language and origami
– Two dedicated screenings rooms showing non-stop anime


Every year Wai-Con chooses a new theme to represent the convention and events. This theme is used in marketing and when planning events such as the Ball and Wai-Con itself.

The history of Wai-Con themes are as follows:

2004 – Journey to the West
2005 – Fantasy
2006 – Space Cadets
2007 – Spies
2009 – Steampunk
2010 – Angels & Demons
2011 – Sports
2012 – Invasion
2013 – Circuit
2014 – 10 Years of Wai-Con