Statement on Wai-Con

Hello everyone!

We have been receiving some queries about Wai-Con. We understand that many people are very excited for the return of Wai-Con, but at this point in time hosting Wai-Con is unfeasible. As boring as it may sound, there are a number of administrative changes that need to be made in order for PAniC to operate properly (in other words, be in a position to not cancel events!). Once PAniC is back in full operations, we can consider organising a Wai-Con.

If you would like more information on PAniC’s current plan and hear what we have been up to, or would like to make any suggestions, please come along to the AGM which will be held on 17 April 2016, time and location TBC. Hope to see you there!

The two SGM meeting minutes give some good background on the state of affairs at PAniC. You can read them on our website here:

20 February 2016 – Information for Dissolution SGM

5 March 2016 – Dissolution SGM