PAniC Presents: A Wai-Con Karaoke Night

Are you a Warbler or a Operatic Genius? Well here’s your chance to find out! Warm up those vocal chords and head on down to Northbridge Utopia on the 19th of September to join us belting out some classics and trying some fantastic new tunes. 

Entry is only $15 for general admittance, $12 for Associate members (That’s you, club members!) and $10 for PAniC Members! Bargain!

Don’t have a PAniC Membership? You can sign up for 3 years, for only $15! This gets you discounted entry to all our events, plus other sweet goodies! To sign up, simply email us at You can even sign up on the night of the Karaoke event and we will honour the membership discount!


To find out more info on when and where the event will be, click here!