AniGames Judges 2015

Cosplay Competition Judges for the Ani-Games Showdown

PAniC are pleased to announce the judges for the Ani-Games Showdown will be Min, Arty and Amy! (shown above from left to right) Here is some background on our three lovely judges:

Min has been cosplaying for more then 14 years now and has previously competed in the Madman Nationals and World Cosplay Summit Prelimary rounds. She has taken a break from competitions, but still enjoys participating in photo shoots and making cosplays in her spare time.

Arty has been studying alternative fashion and cosplay for about 10 years, excelling in sewing and pattern construction, and recently started a cosplay and lolita fashion page. She has travelled to Japan to see the World Cosplay Summit, met with some staff of Cure & WorldCosplay and looks forward to meeting more cosplayers worldwide.

Amy is in her 9th year of cosplaying and has entered many competitions; including Madman National Championships last year. Her expertise in the forms of construction has earnt her awards in both W.A. and S.A, including a Performance Award and Advance Cosplayer Award at Waicon; 1 Best Group Award at Perth Supanova and 2 Best Group Awards at Adelaide Supanova.