PAniC needs you!



To help raise funds to make Wai-Con 2016 a reality, PAniC is presenting the Ani-games Showdown, and PAniC needs the support of volunteers to make this fundraising event a success so that Wai-Con 2016 can happen.Tickets for volunteers are discounted to $15 to cover food costs and you will be given a free membership (or renewal if you currently have one)

Listed below are the position descriptions for this event:

Front of House – Team 1
This team will be in charge of maintaining the queue into the venue and making sure that the patrons know which line to queue in. This team needs volunteers with loud and clear voices and public speaking skills.

Front of House – Team 2
This team will be in charge of patrolling the meeting rooms as well as patrolling the walkways leading to the venue area and within the venue from one area to another including the loading bay dock. They will be manning barricades and entry/exit points to ensure that patrons enter through the right entrance. Previous experience in the screening and panels area of a convention will be valued as you will also be manning
the rooms. This team will need volunteers who are comfortable with public speaking.

Ticketing Support Team
We will need volunteers to support the Ticketmaster staff processing payments for checking PAniC memberships and ensuring that memberships are valid. Volunteers in this area will also be supporting
Ticketmaster ushers in assisting patrons at this event. They will also be serving as lift attendants at the venue itself.

Cosplay Team
Cosplay will include marshalling, manning the cosplay comp registration desk as we will be accepting competition entrants on the day. There will be ushering duties in the viewing area for the cosplay competition as well. This team will need volunteers who are comfortable with public speaking and organizational skills.

Props Team
The props team at this event will escort those with props to the props storage area as well as man the props storage area for the duration of the event. During the cosplay competition they will will assist in getting props on and off stage from the props storage area.

Traders Floor Team
The traders floor team is to assist the floor manager in managing the traders floor space. This may include assisting with trader enquiries, patron enquiries as well as patrolling the floor to ensure it is a safe environment for the traders and general public.

PAniC HQ is where the Pocky and Ramune sales will be happening as well as where the Marketing Coordinator will be headquartered. We will need volunteers to assist with patron enquiries.

The media team is in charge of taking photographs and videos during the event.

Logistics will mainly be assisting with set up and set down as well as assisting the Logistics Coordinator during the event.

The volunteers in this area will be supporting the main event with the showdown. It will mainly be assisting patrons with enquiries regarding the consoles, bag checks and all duties regarding the gaming area.

To apply for volunteering:
– fill out the survey below so that you are assigned in a suitable area.

– E-mail your availability, application form and Membership Form to Christina Lee at

Application need to by received by 15/02/2015.