Thank you all for coming!

Wow – what an absolutely awesome weekend!  With a grand total of 4109 people, it was easily the biggest and most successful Wai-Con yet.  And guess what – it’s all because of you guys!

A mega shout out to our sponsors Empire Toys, Madman Entertainment, Siren Visual, Hanabee and Tokyo Underground, as well as all of our crazy awesome volunteers.  The entire troop of 150 of you is what kept this well-oiled machine going.

To all of our artists, traders, panellists, exhibitors, black-ops, ushers, gamers, martial artists, techies, documentarians, coordinators, merchandisers, food vendors, and transporters: a great, hearty thank-you to you all.  This is a group volunteer effort, and none of this would have happened without the energy and support from you all.  Many, many thanks.

But for you, dear gentle attendee, the fun isn’t over yet!  Check out either our Forums or Facebook for discussion and sharing of photos and anecdotes, and be prepared for some awesome news in the next few months.  Make sure you check out the PAniC Media Team’s Facebook for all our photos and videos coming really soon!

If you want to join in the fun, the PAniC Annual General Meeting will be announced very soon so you can help out and join in the fun!

Again, thank you, and see you all for our 10th anniversary convention, Wai-Con 2014!