Tickets and VIP Passes Available Now!

Would you like to go to Perth’s most awesome anime convention?  Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place!  Good luck has shined on you, as tickets are available to purchase right now!

Regular tickets are available through the Moshtix website here.  But don’t forget, you get cheaper tickets if you are a PAniC member!  For only $15 when you give us your ticket, you can get a three-year member to PAniC which gives you discounts for Wai-Con and other PAniC events!

But that’s not all!  We’ve got a limited Gold VIP pass for a select 58 attendees!  For only $199, you not only get entry to Wai-Con for the weekend, you also get:

  • Front seating for all theatre-based events (panels, cosplay, screenings)
  • Front of line access to guest signings
  • Exclusive Wai-Con 2013 jacket, sized to you
  • Wai-Con 2013 emblazoned headphones
  • Circuitry dogtags
  • Robot beanie
  • Wai-Con 2013 2GB USB key
  • Pocky box and bottle of Ramune softdrink

Don’t miss out!  There are only 58 of these awesome packs going out to the public, so make sure you get in fast!  Buy tickets here!