Sub-Committee Positions are now open!

As we all know, it takes more than just a committee to run a convention. Apart from the many, many volunteers that devote their time to the con (Yay!), we also need people to help out the committee throughout the year. We could not possibly do half the events we have without these people. So if you want to help out more but aren’t sure if you’re ready to run for the board, then subcommittees is a good way to start~!

The following positions are available:
– Cosplay
– Art
– AMVs
– Video Games
– Karaoke
– Registrar
– Food
– Volunteers
– Web Administration
– Online Communities Manager
– Documentations
– Graphic Design
– Programme Book
– Screenings Coordinator
– Merchandise
– Bootlegs

Nominations close April 8th! If you are interested in more information about a specific position, feel free to ask questions here, or email

2012 Subcom application form (.doc)

Application form in PDF!