2010 Subcommittee Positions Now Open!

Hey guys! As we announced at the AGM, we are currently accepting nominations for our many and varied subcommittees, which are:

  • Cosplay Coordinator
  • Art Coordinator
  • Video Games Coordinator
  • Mini Games
  • Registrar
  • Food
  • Volunteers
  • Web Administration
  • Online Communities Manager
  • Documentation
  • Amvs
  • Graphic Design
  • Programme Book
  • Screenings Coordinator
  • Merchandise

Subcommittees help make the con awesome! We could not possibly run without them. If you want to help out more but aren’t sure if you’re ready to run for the board, then subcommittees is a good way to start~

Nominations close 13th March 2010, 5pm! If you are interested in more information about a specific position, ask questions here, or email the Secretary (who you’ll also need to email for a nomination form).

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