Wai-Con 2010 is on this weekend!

The time is here! Wai-con 2010 is upon us! Held over two days at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre Wai-con is set to be rockin’ with guests, panels, screenings, demonstrations and of course two big days of cosplay.

If you haven’t seen the schedule yet, then check it out, because you’ll need to plan beforehand to see everything you want.

This is also your last chance to pre-register for the con. Pre-registration means you skip the entry line in favour of the shorter pre-reg line, and it also offers you a discount to the convention! So really, there’s no reason not to pre-reg! For more information, check out our ticketing page.

And under 18’s please make sure to fill out and bring in your Parental Permission Form, also available on the ticketing page. It would suck if you rocked up without it and had to go home to have your parents sign for you.

So you better be ready, cuz Wai-con is THIS WEEKEND! 23-24th January. Opening Ceremony at 9:30am, doors open at 10. Hope to see you all there!

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