PAniC Ice Skating (March Event)

Get ready for the first event of the year! It will be action packed, fun filled, and possibly coated in chocolate (or at least there will be chocolate…)

Ice Skating! Can’t skate? Not a problem! Join the ranks in the stands and laugh at your friends!

Cosplay is encouraged because I want to see cosplayers land on their asses in the ice. That and we can freak out some norms! Though please keep your costume tasteful and practical 😛

For those who buy your tickets through PAniC there will be a door prize plus if you’re a PAniC member, you get a discount off normal entry!

Date: Friday, 20th March 2009
Time: 7:30pm – 10:00pm
Where: 239 Barrington St, Bibra Lake (there’s a big sign out the front…)
Price: PAniC members – $15
Associates and General – $17 (but you still get the opportunity to win the door prize!)

We’ll be there from 7:00pm to take tickets but close up at 7:45pm. Should you arrive late you can by all means still attend however you will need to buy a general ticket from the Arena and will not be eligible for discount or the door prize competition.

Invite your friends! Invite your siblings! Invite that girl you’ve wanted to ask out but didn’t have an activity planned… It’ll be great!