PAniC needs you!



To help raise funds to make Wai-Con 2016 a reality, PAniC is presenting the Ani-games Showdown, and PAniC needs the support of volunteers to make this fundraising event a success so that Wai-Con 2016 can happen.Tickets for volunteers are discounted to $15 to cover food costs and you will be given a free membership (or renewal if you currently have one)

Listed below are the position descriptions for this event:

Front of House – Team 1
This team will be in charge of maintaining the queue into the venue and making sure that the patrons know which line to queue in. This team needs volunteers with loud and clear voices and public speaking skills.

Front of House – Team 2
This team will be in charge of patrolling the meeting rooms as well as patrolling the walkways leading to the venue area and within the venue from one area to another including the loading bay dock. They will be manning barricades and entry/exit points to ensure that patrons enter through the right entrance. Previous experience in the screening and panels area of a convention will be valued as you will also be manning
the rooms. This team will need volunteers who are comfortable with public speaking.

Ticketing Support Team
We will need volunteers to support the Ticketmaster staff processing payments for checking PAniC memberships and ensuring that memberships are valid. Volunteers in this area will also be supporting
Ticketmaster ushers in assisting patrons at this event. They will also be serving as lift attendants at the venue itself.

Cosplay Team
Cosplay will include marshalling, manning the cosplay comp registration desk as we will be accepting competition entrants on the day. There will be ushering duties in the viewing area for the cosplay competition as well. This team will need volunteers who are comfortable with public speaking and organizational skills.

Props Team
The props team at this event will escort those with props to the props storage area as well as man the props storage area for the duration of the event. During the cosplay competition they will will assist in getting props on and off stage from the props storage area.

Traders Floor Team
The traders floor team is to assist the floor manager in managing the traders floor space. This may include assisting with trader enquiries, patron enquiries as well as patrolling the floor to ensure it is a safe environment for the traders and general public.

PAniC HQ is where the Pocky and Ramune sales will be happening as well as where the Marketing Coordinator will be headquartered. We will need volunteers to assist with patron enquiries.

The media team is in charge of taking photographs and videos during the event.

Logistics will mainly be assisting with set up and set down as well as assisting the Logistics Coordinator during the event.

The volunteers in this area will be supporting the main event with the showdown. It will mainly be assisting patrons with enquiries regarding the consoles, bag checks and all duties regarding the gaming area.

To apply for volunteering:
– fill out the survey below so that you are assigned in a suitable area.

– E-mail your availability, application form and Membership Form to Christina Lee at

Application need to by received by 15/02/2015.

Amendment to Constition

In the General Meeting on 24/01/2015 there was a proposed PAniC Inc. Constitution amendment written by (Chairperson of SGM) Wade Allen and the board members in compliance with the continuing action on SGM Motion #4 and a corresponding news post (Facebook and website) asking for public submissions on proposed changes to the PAniC Inc. Constitution for review and voting on at our next PAniC Inc. General Meeting. Current constitution can be found here. Proposed constitution changes that will be voted on at the next GM can be found here

Amendment to SGM Minutes

By request of Cara Smart on Saturday, 8th November 2014, and confirmed by President Michael Cogan and Secretary Rhian Marshall-Dixon, all speaker identification and references to “Cara” and “Cara Smart” after Page 27 (where Cara was asking about the bankruptcy option) be edited to “member (unknown)” under the claim that she did not say those things and that they were said by an unknown female next to her (who has not been identified yet) and the minute takers need to fix this mistake.

Under full transparency declaration of this confirmed request, the full edits are as follows: Pages 28, 34, 42, 44, 52-57, 59-60, 62, 68 and 70 (this includes Chairperson Wade Allen’s motion originally listed on Page 42 and 43).

This request was repeated at last Saturday’s PAniC Inc. General meeting by Cara Smart to President Michael Cogan, Treasurer & Acting Competitions Coordinator Glen Prokopyszyn and Events Coordinator Megan Hinkley who all repeated confirmation of this edit to proceed as it does not contradict the written minutes and only edits the identification of the speaker.

Click here to view amended minutes

Tickets to the Ani-Games Showdown on sale!

As of Friday 23rd January 2015, tickets are now on sale for pre-purchase through Ticketmaster:

All PAniC Members and Associate Group Members please remember that you will need to show your membership cards at time of entry to the event with your ticket.

We strongly recommend that you confirm your memberships are valid before event day to avoid entry delays.


Plenty of free parking is available at the HBF Arena, Joondalup but for those travelling to the event by public transport, we have a dedicated event bus operating from Stand 2 of Joondalup Train Station right to the HBF Arena for the duration of the event.

Route Map :


Event Bus Timetable:


It has been confirmed with Transperth that there is no scheduled track maintenance for the Joondalup or Mandurah Railway Lines for the weekend of our event.

HBF Arena Location map for those driving in:

HBF Arena Location


PAniC General Meeting

When: Saturday 24th January 2014 at 11am

Where: Main Meeting Room, 43 Below Bar and Restaurant, 43 Barrack Street, Perth.
(please note there is an elevator for people with accessibility concerns)

Facebook event can be found: here!

Agenda for GM:
* Reports from board members
* SGM Directive & Motion Update
* General Business

This is an all-ages event as this meeting room is in an area separated away from the main bar and does not have access to alcohol.


PAniC Presents: Ani-Games Showdown

Well gamers, you’ve fought long and hard over 2014 in the Ani-Games Series leaderboard to make it to this point and here it is: the Ani-Games Showdown!

The best three players on the leaderboard for Pokemon, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. and the wildcard winners for the final fourth position are going to be facing off to see who is the Grand Champion for their game division!

And we’ve done one better for you people of Western Australia with this event being upgraded from what was originally planned to a micro-convention at HBF Arena, Joondalup!

We have Trader stalls, Cosplay Competitions for both days of the event, separate video game competitions from the main Ani-Games Showdown game events, Trading Card Game tournaments, Panels, Workshops, Art Competitions and more for your enjoyment while you get the chance to see some of the best players compete for the great bragging rights of being the 1st Ani-Games Champions.


Day 1 – Saturday 21st February, 10:00AM to 6:00PM
Day 2 – Sunday 22nd February, 10:00AM to 6:00PM


General Entry
– 1 day = $35
– 2 days = $40

Associate Members (JAFWA, UWAnime, MAD and other approved groups)
– 1 day = $30
– 2 day = $35

PANIC Members
– 1 day = $25
– 2 day = $30

** Children under 5 years of age = Free Entry **


– Day 1 : Pokemon Showdown
– Day 2 : Mario Kart Showdown
– Day 2 : Smash Bros Showdown

All showdown times, tournament rules and details will be announced shortly. All three highest ranked competitors and the wildcard winners will be contacted directly soon and they will also be announced online by our Video Games Coordinator, Adam McCaw.

– Day 1 and Day 2

– Cosplay Competition for Saturday and Sunday with times, cosplay rules and categories to be announced by Cosplay Coordinator, Eugene O’Sullivan.

– Day 1 and Day 2

– Art Competitions for Saturday and Sunday with the categories of Junior Under 14s and Artists 15+ around the two themes of Heroes and Video Games will have further information provided in the coming days.

– Panels and Workshop timetable TBA at this time; more information soon.

– Trading Card Game tournaments TBA at this time; more information soon.

– If you are interested in having a stall at the event, please contact us in a private message or by emailing our Traders Coordinator, Enna Rose, via!
– Separate pricing available for both Artist Alley and Retail Businesses.

– If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact Vice-President Samara Morgan by emailing or our Secretary Rhian Marshall-Dixon by emailing

– Panel application form will be online soon and will also be available directly by request: simply email and we’ll send it out to you.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to seeing you there to witness the crowning of the Ani-Games Grand Champions for 2014-2015!

PAniC Official; SGM Minutes

new board

Hi everyone! Thank you for your patience while we have been taking care of financial and legal paperwork this last fortnight, but here is the big announcement.

As of Saturday 1st of November 2014, PAniC Inc., through the gracious support of $25,000 from Eugene O’Sullivan and Glen Proko, has reached a debt management agreement that – combined with public donations we have received to date – has brought PAniC Inc. back to financial solvency and will allow our not-for-profit organisation remaining active and fully operational into the future.

This means that we are free to resume all fundraising events into the lead-up for the 2016 Wai-Con event and get everything back on track.

Linked below are the full written minutes from the 18/11/2014 PAniC Special General Meeting. For transparency this document is a combination of: the recorded minutes from Secretary Rhian Marshall-Dixon and Registrar Sa Mara; the PowerPoint slides created by Competitions Coordinator Glen Prokopyszyn (that were approved by President Michael Cogan); and a complete verbal dictation of the SGM thanks to video recording by PAniC Media Team members Wilson Law and Leon Chin.

The video from the SGM will be publicly available soon and we do apologise for its delay, but due to visual codec corruption on Wilson’s three hours of video footage, it is taking a substantial amount of Leon’s time to fix this: the PAniC board will have it online as soon as it is completed and provided to us.

To those still waiting on refunds from the PAniC Ball in September 2014, our Acting Treasurer Megan Hinkley-Haynes will be in contact with you directly to make immediate arrangements for that to be completed as soon as possible.

We would like to again thank everyone for their support of PAniC Inc. and Wai-Con during this time and into the future, with very special thanks to Eugene O’Sullivan and Glen Prokopyszyn for their financial support, Bronwyn Mason of Tokyo Underground for their donation and to all public supporters to date who have generously donated their money as well.

We look forward to seeing you at our events in the future and the 2016 Wai-Con Event.

Kind regards,
The PAniC Inc. Board

20141018 – Special General Meeting

PAniC Special General Meeting, Saturday 18th October 2014

People calling the SGM: PAniC Inc Board.

When: Saturday 18th October 2014. 10am – 1pm

Where: 43 Barrack Street, Perth. 43 Below Bar and Restaurant . Main Meeting Room

Facebook event can be found: here!

Reasons for the SGM:

* Resignation of Vice-President
* Resignation of Treasurer
* Breach of PAniC Constitution, Section 11.2 (failure to audit organisation at last three year checkpoint of 2011 and onwards)

Agenda for SGM:
* Report on current financial position of PAniC Inc for 2014-2015 operating period.
* Affect of current financial position on continued operational capacity of PAniC Inc.
* Affect of current financial position on the hosting of the Wai-Con 2015 Convention.
* Voting on key future operational decisions of PAniC Inc.
* Report on the operational state of the PAniC Board.
* Nominations from attending PAniC Members for replacement of all PAniC Board Members openings and voting on all nominated people by the attending PAniC members.

This PAniC Special General Meeting will be chaired by Wade Allen and held in the main meeting room of 43 Below Bar & Restaurant.

This is an all-ages event as this meeting room is in an area seperated away from the main bar and does not have access to alcohol.

Current PAniC Board and Sub-Committee members will be in attendance. All PAniC Members are invited and PAniC Memberships can be renewed on the day if required to retain your membership voting rights.

There is a strict agenda outline for this event, but questions will be taken as time permits throughout the meeting.


PAniC Presents Free-For-All Arcade 2.0 + Anigames plus the PAniC Ball 16+!

PAniC Presents Free for All Arcade 2.0 + Anigames

Saturday AUGUST 30th

Did you enjoy GameZone at Wai-Con? Did you have an awesome time at our last arcade event? Do you just like games in general?! Well this is the event for you!!!

Play is free after one small entry fee. That’s right, all of the games in Game City’s arcade (and some of our own that we’re bringing down) will be FREE TO PLAY to your hearts content!

The address for this event will be Game City, located within Raine Square. Access is either via the train station or through the square! Please contact Sarah at events if you’re having problems locating the venue!

Those of you who are interested in being a bit on the competitive side, we now present ANIGAMES! We’ve got tournaments galore – consoles, handheld, and arcade!

Anigames will pit players against each other in the lead up to the convention and you will be in the running to win some fantastic prizes!

Game City will again provide us with a unique menu so you won’t go hungry! So come on down, don’t be shy!

We’ll be rocking out from 12pm until 5pm. And entry fees are as follows:

General Public – $15
Associate Members – $12
PAniC Members – $10


PAniC Annual Heroes Ball! 16+

Saturday SEPTEMBER 20th

Good evening one and all and welcome to the annual PAniC Ball! This year promises to be a wonderful evening filled with great, food, great people and great music! This year we will be trying something different. We are lowering the age limit! For those of you who are 16 years and older are now allowed to attend the ball! How wonderful!

The venue is the Hellenic Centre of WA. The address is 75 Stirling Street, Northbridge!

Please dress appropriately, this is a black tie event so smart formal only! Cosplay is as always greatly encouraged but not expected.

Our dinner will be a buffet served by the wonderful Grinners Catering and will feature vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options. When you are ordering your ticket, please specify your dietary requirements! Otherwise email Sarah at!

Eugene O’Sullivan will be our resident photographer as always and will have his photo booth set up on the night. Please drop past and get your photo taken!

We will also have a resident DJ who will be playing songs all throughout the night and will be taking requests. We promise to have a longer dancing session with great lighting and amazing music!

We encourage you to take public transport to this event or get dropped off by taxi or carpool. If you need to park we recommend the City of Perth parking down the road (which closes at midnight) otherwise there is parking on the side of the road (but we cannot guarantee there will be spots!)

Having trouble locating the venue? No worries! The building is across the road from the Telstra building and the street directly parallel to The Court. We will have security outside the door if you get completely lost.

Ticket sales are now live! Tickets are $80 each and the booking link is here!
If you have any issues with booking, please email

PAniC Presents; Quiz Night 2014


It’s that time of the year again; Quiz Night 2014 is upon us!

What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? What is the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3? What are the main ingredients for pumpkin soup? All these questions and more will be asked at the PAniC Annual Quiz Night! Located in the cosy Rosie O’Grady’s in Northbridge, end your week with a pint, some mates and a good 10 rounds of solid brain teasing. Get a group of 8 people together and battle it out to win some amazing prizes!

Doors open at 6:30 with the questions starting at 7pm!

All table booking enquiries and platter orders are to be made out to the events co-ordinator at There are limited spots so get in quick!

Tickets available at the door.
General admission – $15
Associate members – $12
PAniC members – $10

Click here to see our Facebook event!