PAniC Official; SGM Minutes

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Hi everyone! Thank you for your patience while we have been taking care of financial and legal paperwork this last fortnight, but here is the big announcement.

As of Saturday 1st of November 2014, PAniC Inc., through the gracious support of $25,000 from Eugene O’Sullivan and Glen Proko, has reached a debt management agreement that – combined with public donations we have received to date – has brought PAniC Inc. back to financial solvency and will allow our not-for-profit organisation remaining active and fully operational into the future.

This means that we are free to resume all fundraising events into the lead-up for the 2016 Wai-Con event and get everything back on track.

Linked below are the full written minutes from the 18/11/2014 PAniC Special General Meeting. For transparency this document is a combination of: the recorded minutes from Secretary Rhian Marshall-Dixon and Registrar Sa Mara; the PowerPoint slides created by Competitions Coordinator Glen Prokopyszyn (that were approved by President Michael Cogan); and a complete verbal dictation of the SGM thanks to video recording by PAniC Media Team members Wilson Law and Leon Chin.

The video from the SGM will be publicly available soon and we do apologise for its delay, but due to visual codec corruption on Wilson’s three hours of video footage, it is taking a substantial amount of Leon’s time to fix this: the PAniC board will have it online as soon as it is completed and provided to us.

To those still waiting on refunds from the PAniC Ball in September 2014, our Acting Treasurer Megan Hinkley-Haynes will be in contact with you directly to make immediate arrangements for that to be completed as soon as possible.

We would like to again thank everyone for their support of PAniC Inc. and Wai-Con during this time and into the future, with very special thanks to Eugene O’Sullivan and Glen Prokopyszyn for their financial support, Bronwyn Mason of Tokyo Underground for their donation and to all public supporters to date who have generously donated their money as well.

We look forward to seeing you at our events in the future and the 2016 Wai-Con Event.

Kind regards,
The PAniC Inc. Board

20141018 – Special General Meeting