2013 Board announced!

Next year Wai-Con is heading into its 10th anniversary!  And with that we needed 10 excellent members willing to give up their time and energy to make the 10th year the best of all time!

We hereby announce the new board members and roles they have been elected to take on!

President: Mike Browner

Vice President: Tim Barrett

Secretary: Megan Hinkley-Haynes

Treasurer: Adam Runks

Marketing: Melissa Rayner

Events: Allan John Clarke IV

Competitions: Nathan Rocca

Logistics: Michael Cogan

Traders: Cathy Gilbert

Panels: Nik Steuart

Congratulations to all the new committee members and re-elected ones, and thank you to our departing members for all their hard work!

For those of you who are interested in getting involved as well, don’t fret.  Sub-Committee positions will be announced soon.  If Sub Committee isn’t quite what you’re looking for, volunteer applications will open later in the year!