Mascot Competition for Wai-Con 2012 (AND BEYOND)

It’s that time of year again! As we approach yet another Wai-Con, we’re looking ahead to the one beyond that. It’s a little different this time, though.
Tristan (Tan, Treasurer,  tonsure extraordinaire) purchased some binoculars from eBay, and with them we’re looking even further ahead than ever before. That’s right – we’re looking for new, permanent, mascots!

“Huh?” I hear you thinking; “What does he mean?” – well, we’re looking for a character (or a pair of characters) that Wai-Con can use for branding in the future – something that helps identify us to the masses as we look beyond 2010. So, here’s what we’re looking for – identifiable personalities, something that is unique to Wai-Con. The chosen mascot(s) will be cosplaying the theme each year, so they must be adaptable, as well.

So, we’re going to need several things from you guys –

1. A showpiece of the character(s) – something that shows them off and really wows us – set in Wai-Con 2012’s theme, the Apocalypse.
2. Reference sheet – showing details on the characters from multiple angles – generic clothing for this one. (why? for future theming)
3. Short description/biography of the character(s), their personalities et al.

There is a short turn around time on this one, so get cracking! – Deadline is November 31st.

Entry Rules:
1. The theme for the program cover for Wai-Con 2012 is “Apocalypse”.
2. You will be allowed to design a maximum of two characters and enter them all, but please keep in mind that the size of the program book cover will be A4. You are allowed to enter up to 5 designs (so you could potentially design 10 different characters (submitted as pairs)).
3. It is preferable that the designs to be in full colour, however, we will accept black and white line art designs, which must at least be inked, with colour notations.
4. Your designs must be unique to Wai-Con, and have something that links the character to us.
5. You are allowed a maximum of 5 entries per person.
6. The winning entry will become property of PANIC Inc. We reserve the right to make any changes we deem necessary for our purposes. This includes the name(s) of the character(s). However, this will not prevent the artist from displaying the artwork as their own in other areas. (eg. universities, Deviantart, portfolios, etc.)
7. Submit your entries via email to competitions [ @ ] panic-wa [ . ] org.
8. Entries may be submitted as a high quality .jpeg, .png, whatever, but we will require an unflattened PSD (or equivalent) file if you win.